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Leadership in the Digital Age

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Impuls Session 1

15:45 - 16:15 Uhr

The presentation looks at some of the latest challenges facing company executives and their organisations in the Digital age. The greater % of Leaders are having to wake up to the fact that they are not ready to take advantage of the digital economy.
The Digital age is all about speed and agility and in Gallup research carried out this year it was found that only 10% of German Companies are agile, whilst 34% were somewhat agile and 56% are not.
Leaders are struggling to let go of old mindsets and need to change, broadening their skills and knowledge whilst deepening their understanding of self and their own leadership style and that of their teams and organisation.
Employees are asking for greater more inclusive engagement and the Y generation who make up 50% of the workforce now, do not trust unless you have a more understanding relationship with them.
Digitalisation is about transformation and we need transformational leaders in this time of huge change and pace and needs of the employee base.
The leaders and companies that do not change will be left behind.

Malcom Wright

Executive Performance Coach & Mentor

Malcolm has been an International Executive Performance Coach and Mentor since Dec 2004, Malcolm has worked with many major organisations all over Europe and the USA. Coaching Global CEO’s to Senior Managers focusing on Leadership & Emotional Intelligence development, also running High Performance Team and Culture Programmes with Global, Regional, Country and Functional Executive Teams.

In his corporate career he worked 20 years in the information industry with Dun & Bradstreet and Equifax Plc: achieving positions of Director of Multinational Sales & business Development EMEA, Group Sales Director, European Director of Strategy M&A and UK & Ireland Managing Director (MD). He then moved into a global Nasdaq listed consulting company specialising in the ERP & CRM area of services as VP / MD Europe leading the turnaround after Y2K and then Global COO. He has also held a Non-Exec Director role in part of British Telecom.

He is based in Hannover Germany and Winchester UK.