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The 5G Bavaria initiative of Fraunhofer IIS and NIK e.V. promote active communication and knowledge transfer on the topic of 5G in our "5G DIALOG" format.

5G - The network for the Internet of Things

As the successor standard to LTE / 4G, 5G represents a revolution for industrial applications. In those places where robust and high-bandwidth networks are to be used, 5G will provide the appropriate infrastructure. Automated trains, self-driving cars, highly flexible manufacturing, XR and Robotic - Industrial 5G will allow secure and fast exchange of data and highly dynamic adaptation in real time. The networking of things and processes will create new opportunities for further development of products and systems.

Our topics at the 5G DIALOG


Many new business models are based on flexible and individual production and logistics. For this purpose, products, vehicles, and materials must be continuously localized, and position data must be collected and evaluated for the automation of production, assembly, and logistics processes. The 5G standard offers the necessary high positioning accuracy. For example, real-time localization is possible for drones, driverless transport systems, goods and products, and also AR applications. In the 5G DIALOG, experts from Fraunhofer IIS will demonstrate various methods, possible applications and scenarios.

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In automated and flexible manufacturing processes, data and information must be continuously exchanged between production levels, machines and vehicles. Networking often takes place via industrial networks, which are connected by local radio solutions such as WLAN. The need for even more powerful communication is met by the 5G standard with the help of higher transmission speeds and data capacities. In the 5G Dialog, you can find out how significant the potential is for industrial communication.

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The 5G testbed "Industry 4.0" at Fraunhofer IIS represents an open testing environment in which customer-specific application scenarios from the area of industry and logistics can be tested on the current 5G release constantly under realistic conditions in a 5G campus network. With 5G, real-time capable monitoring, analysis and control of processes can be realized using precise localization.
In the 5G Dialog, technical setup, various test options and scenarios for industrial applications are presented, as well as a look behind the scenes with server room, the OPEN RAN Core and the RAN infrastructure of the hall.

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The experts at the 5G DIALOG